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June 11 2015

i wish i had a pizza

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Weil so viel rassistische Scheisse tagtäglich in Deutschland passiert:

Refugees Welcome! Bring your families! 

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As of June 11, 2015, there have only been 9 days this year when the police did not kill somebody.

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*is annoying but means well*

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lotsa ikea color scheme here mmm

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It’s not representation if they’re being used as a joke or shock factor

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Christo and Jeanne-Claude

Surrounded Islands


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I don’t want to be just a nothing, a sick blank, withdrawal into myself forever. I just want something, beside the emptiness I’ve carried around in me all my life.
— Allen Ginsburg - from The Letters of Allen Ginsberg (via watchoutforintellect)
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I don't think people understand how traumatizing bad relationships are


And how they can affect you years later…
When people who you care about treat you like shit, it scars you.

Emotional abuse is real and causes deep insecurities and makes it hard to trust anyone.

Be kind to one another and to your loved ones. Please.
Be patient and don’t lash out.

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favourite celebrity meme » favourite photoshoots [4/5]
Mr Porter (2015)

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maybe my fave line from any poem ever ???

wow!! thank you this is so cute I love it

June 10 2015

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